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Baby Names We Love This June.

Baby Names We Love This June.

We’re almost halfway through the year (how!), and if you’re expecting a June baby, it means that right about now you’re counting down the weeks, days, and minutes until you meet your little one.

If you haven’t already picked out a name, we’re here to help. Our team shares some of their favourite names below to inspire you and your growing family.


If you love traditional names, you can’t go past Rose and Everly. Rose is after all the month’s birth flower, and Everly is derived from the everlasting bonds of love that a Honeysuckle represents – also a June flower.

If you’re after a modern twist on a traditional name, we love the idea of any variation of Alexander and Alexandra, such as Alexis and Alessi derived from the month’s birthstone – the gemstone Alexandrite.

And because we love a celebrity as much as you, here are some of our favourite icons born in June! Morgan Freeman, (we like Morgan, and Freeman!), Venus Williams (try Venus, or William!), Blake Shelton, Ariana Grande or Adriana Lima, Shia LaBeouf, Zoe Saldana, Wentworth Miller, and Selma Blair (both great choices either Selma or Blaire).