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Baby Names We Love This Spring.

Baby Names We Love This Spring.

Spring is one of our favourite times of the year when everything feels new and fresh again. And even when you’re having a hard day or night (#motherhood), the sunshine makes everything better.

If you’re growing your family and expecting a Spring baby, it means that right about now you’re counting down the weeks, days, and minutes until you meet your little one. But if you haven’t already picked out a name, we’re here to help.

It’s no surprise that our favourite names Florence, Eden, Lily, River, and Iris all reference nature, flowers, and blooming. However some more subtle Springtime favourites include Anastasia, meaning ‘resurrection’; Claire, French for ‘bright’ and ‘clear’; and Aurora, meaning ‘dawn’.

For boys, we can’t go past Xavier, with Spanish origins meaning ‘bright’ and ‘shining’; Sonny, for the sunny days ahead; and Asher, meaning ‘fortunate, blessed, happy one’.

We also love Robin or Robyn, a bird that is often associated with Spring, and symbolises good luck.  

And because we love a celebrity as much as you, here are some of our favourite icons born in September! Freddie Mercury, Serena Williams (try, Serena, Serene, or William), Adam Sandler, Tom Hardy (we like Tom, Thomas, Tommy, and Tomai), Olivia Newton John (try Olivia, Olive, John, Johnnie, or Jonah), or Sophia Loren (try Sophia, Sophie, Loren, or Lauren).