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Make 2024 The Year of YOU.

Make 2024 The Year of YOU.

The start of the New Year has always been notorious for kickstarting new goals, projects, and habits…all with great intentions! But sometimes it’s rare they last the year, or if we’re being honest, the entire month.

So this year, we’re using January as our deep-thinking month. We’re reading, exploring, writing lists, creating vision boards, and allowing ourselves to see the bigger picture of what makes us happy. Here’s what you can do too, to make 2024 the Year of YOU. 

Firstly, as mothers and mothers-to-be, we’re living by the mantra: It’s not selfish to make myself (my health and happiness) a priority. 

Secondly, we’re committed to finding a mix of activities that leaves us feeling balanced, happy and fulfilled. Whether it’s a regularly scheduled girls’ brunch, hitting the gym (or not), or carving out time for our hobbies. 

Thirdly, we’re carving out time for ourselves. We’re no longer avoiding the doctor, physio, or [insert appointment here] – and yes, hair and nail appointments are on the agenda too.

What other intentions are you taking into 2024?