Pack Your Hospital Bag With Sophie Tieman.

Pack Your Hospital Bag With Sophie Tieman.

Wondering what to pack in your Hospital Bag? No doubt it’s full of baby onesies, singlets, socks, and beanies – but what have you packed for yourself?

Packing your own clothes, toiletries, and comfort items is like creating your very own safety net. There is so much you can’t control during birth but knowing that you have all your favourite creature-comforts with you will surely make you feel more at home afterwards.

Here’s some inspiration from mama-to-be @sophietieman.

The most comfortable Rib Knit Pants, perfect for postpartum recovery.

Matching tops to complete the set, with easy access for nursing of course.

A loose nightie with snap buttons, made from a soft-high stretch, GOTS certified organic cotton knit.

Nursing bras, on rotation.

Cardigan in place of a robe, trust us, it’ll help you feel more ‘put together’ especially with visitors.

And of course, options to wear during your stay, or on your way home.

    Plus, don’t forget your toiletries. Include whatever you’ll need to feel normal, like your cleanser, moisturiser, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste,  hairbands, bobby pins, a hairbrush, shampoo, conditioner, (or just dry shampoo), deodorant, and makeup wipes. And of course, maternity pads.