Pregnant? Here’s How To Bond With Your Baby Bump.

Pregnant? Here’s How To Bond With Your Baby Bump.

December can feel like a crazy time of the year, and it can be easy to forget that you’re pregnant (minus the occasional sickness, exhaustion, and kicks)! With a calendar full of events, or work deadlines, here’s some quick and easy ways to check-in and connect with your bub throughout the day.

Plus, what to pack in your hospital bag. 

1. Massage your bump. It’s important to nourish your beautiful, growing bump, so why not turn this into a ritual after every shower.

2. Talk to your baby. Yes, your baby can hear you, so talk to them throughout the day!

3. Listen to music. And because bub can hear you, it’s time to introduce them to your favourite tunes.

4. Snap your bump. Take photos of your growing bump throughout your pregnancy as a reminder of how incredible your body is!

5. Journal. You can do this on your phone to write down all the weird and wonderful moments…all of the cravings, kicks, feelings, and emotions.

Most importantly - enjoy the moments. When your baby starts to kick and move, take a moment to enjoy this special feeling. It can help your partner bond with your baby too.