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Recognising the power of mum on International Women’s Day.

Recognising the power of mum on International Women’s Day.

As a new mum, International Women’s Day (IWD) may not feel all that relevant right now, but as you tend to the needs of your baby, rest assured it’s more relevant than ever.

You may not be marching the streets, or changing policy as you rock your baby to sleep; or laying on the floor playing blocks with them; or cuddling them through a teething phase; but the love you show in these early days goes a long way to raising compassionate and caring human beings. 

You have now been charged with the job of rearing the next generation, and this is where you can make the biggest difference. This is recognising the power of mum.

Each nappy changed; each bottle or breast feed given; each comfort cuddle; each act of love. With each day, you cultivate a better world for everyone to live in. The next generation of men and women who are raised with love and respect as their guiding principles is what will make the biggest difference.

As your children grow, you can teach your sons to uphold fair and equal treatment of women, and you can teach your daughters to speak out against unfair treatment or inequality. But more importantly, we can teach our children how to respect themselves and each other – we can show them what healthy boundaries are, and how to live compassionately.

These may seem like small things, but these small things will drive change.

So, as you tend to your children on International Women’s Day, know that you are making the biggest difference.

With love, Ripe.