Viscose Care Guide

Caring For Viscose

Somewhere between silk and cotton lies viscose – a comfortable wear in both summer and winter. The fabric is soft, shiny, and drapes beautifully, which means it requires some extra care to get the most out of each wear.

Look after your viscose garments with our care guide.



Viscose is a delicate fibre which is not very strong when wet. This is why we recommend hand washing these garments. It’s helpful to note that viscose fibres shrink when wet, but relax again as they dry. For these reasons, make sure to be gentle with your viscose items and check the garment care label to follow the washing instructions carefully.

We recommend hand-washing your viscose garments in cold water with a gentle detergent to avoid damaging the fabric’s fibres. Washing viscose on the reverse side will also help to preserve the colours and brightness.

If the care label allows machine-washing, ensure that you put the clothes in a wash bag to not damage the material, especially by rubbing against the drum.



After washing, pull your viscose garments into shape and dry flat in the shade. To avoid shrinking, do not tumble dry. Viscose doesn’t retain moisture and will dry reasonably quickly without a stint in the dryer.



Pressing with steam after washing is essential to return the garment to its original shape. We recommend storing your viscose items on a right-sized hanger in an airy space.