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7 Things to Do to Get Your Home Ready Before Baby Comes.

7 Things to Do to Get Your Home Ready Before Baby Comes.

We know that one of the most exciting times of #nesting is to prep your baby’s nursey. And whilst this is important (and fun), you’ll want to do a few other things around the house before baby comes home. Trust us, your future self will thank you!


Stock up on household essentials.

Next time you’re doing your grocery shopping, stock up on laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, wet wipes, and other cleaning products. Fill your prescriptions, and ensure you have your baby medicines and lotions accounted for.


Make space in other rooms.

Having organised spaces around the house will make your life so much easier. You’ll likely need to make space for a bouncer and bassinet, and you’ll definitely want to set up ‘go-to’ stations in each main area (kitchen, lounge, bathroom, bedroom) with necessities like burp-cloths, wipes, and your favourites for feeding and soothing. Caddies, baskets, storage bins, and tubs help you keep everything in one little area. 


Stock your freezer.

During the last few weeks of pregnancy, it is wise to cook twice as much food and freeze it for future use. Or better yet, if friends or family ask to help you, getting frozen, cooked meals can be a simple, inexpensive, and very useful gift. 


Get bottle essentials.

Even if you don’t plan on using them, buy a few baby bottles, sterilising equipment, and a container of your preferred formula. Be prepared to provide consent in hospital for your baby to have formula if this is needed. If not, donate it to another family in need.  


Decide where you will bath, change, and dress your baby.

These tasks may seem simple now, but when you do them over and over again, you’ll want to ensure you have the right set-up that won’t wreak havoc on your back. Having a change-station that is high and close to your baby’s clothes is essential, as well as considering a portable baby bath.


Prepare a dedicated feeding station.

Regardless of how you’re planning to feed your baby, there are many things you’ll want at arm’s reach when you’re feeding. Number one on our list? Snacks for mum. You’ll also need burp-cloths, wipes, and maybe a spare top and bottle of water for you. You’ll also want your feeding station close to your changing station in-case of bay blow-outs and spit-ups.


Prepare for visitors (if you want to).

If you're confrontable having visitors, there are a few things you can do like setting up a coffee and tea station, and buying some bottles of water that your guests can help themselves to, so that you can stay focussed on yours and baby’s needs.