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Have You Tried These Breastfeeding Positions?

Have You Tried These Breastfeeding Positions?

As you find your feeding groove, you may start to realise that each situation, time of day, age, or environment can call for new and creative feeding positions. As mums ourselves, we know a thing or two about getting creative so that you and your baby can have the best experience – here are some of our favourite positions.   



Cradle is the original breastfeeding position and one that you’ll learn from birth. You generally sit up right with your baby on their side, their head and neck laying along your forearm, and their body against your stomach. It feels intuitive and cosy, and you can see the baby’s sucking well from this angle. This position is great for feeding in public, and if you’re at home, you can also use a breastfeeding pillow for extra support!

Side Lying

There’s nothing quite like resting and nurturing your baby at the same time! Side lying is one of our favourite breastfeeding positions – especially for those late-night feeds. You start by laying down next to your baby, with your stomach lined up near baby’s head. Slide your little one up so their nose is level with your nipple and your arm is above their head. If your baby is not yet rolling, you can help them onto their side and roll a blanket or muslin wrap into a snake position behind their back and hips. You can also place a pillow behind your back or in-between your legs for extra support. This position is also great if you are recovering from a c-section.


As its name suggests, think of this breastfeeding position like an underarm or clutch hold, where baby rests on your forearm or pillow. They will be tucked along your side with their feet towards the back of the chair. As baby grows and gains weight, this position may not be as practical – however it is amazing for newborns, mothers of twins, or those recovering from a c-section or back pains.  


We often joke that our babies are clingy little koalas, so why not breastfeed like one! In this position your baby sits straddling your thigh or hips, with their spine and head upright as they feed. It’s great for babies who suffer from reflux, however works best for those above 4 months when their head and neck strength is well established. You can also try this position when you’re on the move, as it can be done with your baby in a carrier whilst standing up.