Real Talk

It’s time to look after you.

It’s time to look after you.

You've just given birth, and in that moment (even just for a moment), your pain slips away. You are now a mum. This feeling. Oh gosh it's one like no other - full of many, many emotions! You are now on a journey together - leaning together, growing together, healing together. Nobody tells you that this is the best feeling ever - knowing that it is a journey, and you have time to figure it out.

So, what happens next?

It’s time to look after you. Get all of the things that will make you feel more comfortable – because trust us, baby will be comfortable no matter what, just in your arms. Get those recovery briefs that you’ll need no matter how you birth. Get that open shirt that makes skin-to-skin that much easier. Get those nursing tops ready if that’s how you plan to feed. And please, get all of the loungewear you desire!

Above all else, ensure you have your community of care. Maybe it’s a family member, your partner, or a close friend – or maybe it’s a place you feel your best, or an activity you love. Having these outlets is so vital for all mothers. And if you need extra support, our friends at PANDA can give you just that.

Everyone’s experience of pregnancy, birth, and parenting is unique, and brings different rewards and challenges. You deserve to feel supported and connected on your journey. And remember, it is a journey.  


 - Get ready for motherhood -