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Life After Birth.

Life After Birth.

With Easter just around the corner – birth (and rebirth) is on our mind.

Motherhood is often represented by the birth of a child. But when a child is born, so too is a mother.

“Becoming a mother leaves no woman as it found her. It unravels and rebuilds her. It cracks her open, taker her to her edges. It’s both beautiful and brutal, often at the same time. This transformation has a name; matrescence.” – @ nikkimccahon.

Matrescence is defined as the process of becoming a mother. The physical, emotional, hormonal, and social transition. This “becoming”, this time of our lives is an incredible gift for all parents. It gives us an opportunity to slow down, review our lives so far, and choose what you we want for this next season ahead ~ life after birth.

 - Celebrating Matrescence - 

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