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Pumping Hacks You Need to Know.

Pumping Hacks You Need to Know.

Whether you’re exclusively breastfeeding, or combination feeding, we know that pumping ‘round the clock at home or during lunch in your office isn’t the most exciting use of our time.

So, if you’re pumping or thinking about pumping, we’ve put together a few quick hacks to help keep things flowing.

Stress Less

More often than not, we’re so worried about how much milk is coming out that is causes stress and tension which can have a huge impact on milk supply and output. Try covering your pumping bottles with socks so that you can’t see how much (or little) you’re pumping. It might also help to look at photos and videos of your baby to encourage letdown – plus, how could you not stare at them all day anyway!


Size Those Flanges

The standard breast pump flange is 24mm – but as we all know, now two breasts are alike (even on our own body)! You may need smaller or larger flanges to get the most out of your pumping sessions. Many of your pumps should also come with a guide to finding your flange size and making sure it’s the perfect fit.


Freeze Milk in the Amounts They Eat

Whoever said ‘don’t cry over spilt milk’ obviously was not a mother who’d spent precious time pumping it! It might seem obvious, but freezing your milk in the amount your baby consumes will avoid waste. Make sure to change portion sizes as your babies grow, or solids are added to their diet.